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Bringing the season to a close at Whistler

Spring skiing rarely gets better than the first two days of this Memorial Weekend at Whistler. Perfect sunny skies, hardly any people and snow that skied liked soft icing sugar.

Whistler Peak 

Laps of the Peak were the go. Whistler Bowl was soft by 11am, and well worth a couple of runs to warm the legs up on the bumps.

Heading down Whistler Bowl

But with so many options down through West Bowl, this is where we spent most of the weekend. The skiing was superb. Grand Finale, Doom and Gloom and Cockalorum were incredibly good, as were many other lines whose names I have no clue about.

You just needed to pay attention to where the sun was hitting, and time descents during the 2-ish hour window when the snow was at its creamy best. Even the run out to the Big Red chair mostly avoided transitioning into a sticky nightmare, making laps back up to the top a painless affair.

Some randon chute in West Bowl  - near Stephan's Chute I think

Kathy heading down a ridge line in West Bowl

West Bowl - after descending Cockalorum

By Sunday afternoon the temperatures finally got the better of the snow. It mattered little though, as this had been 3 wonderful days to bring the 2008/09 season to a close. I had more runs off the Peak and through West Bowl than I think I’ve had in my life, and even feel like I know something about the vast amount of terrain in there now. That’ll be useful knowledge on our next big powder day in Whistler.

3 days: 7400m, 7200m, 6800m vert

Season Totals: 61 days, 497,100 vertical metres, 13 powder days


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