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Poaching the post-storm pow at Fiss

There was some snow overnight, and Friday dawned mostly sunny and promised to warm up a little. We headed straight to Serfaus, exploring the extents of the area. The red and black pistes off the Lawensbahn were deserted and delightful, and there was still some decent, if a little heavy deep snow in the open trees above the lift. The off-piste accessible from the Pezidbahn was a little heavy, but the two black groomers, Pezid Vertikal especially, were fantastic fun – two of the best groomers in Serfaus.

A fabulous late lunch at the Masner restaurant, a tour back to Fiss and a couple of runs off the Almbahm to check out conditions, and another excellent ski day came to a close.

Ironically, Saturday, departure day for many, was the warm sunny bluebird day that many had craved all week. We weren’t leaving until noon, which left time for two and half hours tearing down the 780m vertical runs off the Almbahn. We were amongst the first to shred the perfect roid on the groomers, getting in 3 or 4 runs before it even got remotely busy.

By 10am the sun was softening the off-piste, and enticing a few folks to test the conditions. It didn’t take long for me to follow and lay down sweeping arcs in the boot deep gelato. Fantastic stuff, as long as you kept your speed up and centred (pics here).

11am came around far too quickly, and I headed back up the gondola for a last run down Kamikaze. A short traverse right opened up around 300m vertical of untracked, steep slope. A little wind crusty, but below the crust lurked light deep snow. Arcing down at speed was a little treacherous, with inch thick slabs of crust flying into my face, but it was completely exhilarating. In fact, an appropriate end to a superb week of skiing at Serfaus-Fiss-Ladis (altho we never skied to Ladis 🙂 ).

2 days 9600m, 5700m verts

Season Totals: 41 days, 318,800 vertical metres, 11 powder days


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