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Day 42: Mission Ridge

A work trip necessitated leaving home Sunday, leaving only Saturday to ski. I hate that, but as conditions weren’t looking too exceptional anywhere local, it could’ve been worse. Mission Ridge seemed the best bet, given we could ski for free with our White Pass season passes, so off to Wenatchee we headed.

Mission had an excellent snow cover, meaning the basics looked promising. Freeze-thaw conditions had left the off-piste solid and cruddy, making early groomer ripping attractive with our buddy Jesper from the Desert Ski Club, while we waited for it to warm up.

Unexpectedly, it didn’t warm up. Very unexpectedly, it snowed for a couple of hours over lunch. This freshened up everywhere, and the last two hours were a big improvement. We ventured onto the bumpy black diamond runs in the Chair 3 zone, enjoying firm but highly skiable steep moguls. None of us were looking to finishing when the lifts closed at 4pm. It was simply one of those days that kept getting better.

Saturday – 9200m vert

Season Totals: 42 days, 328,000 vertical metres, 12 powder days


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