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Lech delivers big pow!!

There was a lot of snow visible from our hotel window Saturday morning. We slammed down breakfast, stashed our packed bags, and headed to the lifts. With so much snow, we virtually skied the 600m or so to the Schlegelkopfbahn at the base of Lech. With all this snow, we wanted to get up there before the powder hounds got out.


When there’s this much snow at village level in a major North American ski hill, you need to be in line at the lift a good while before it opens if you want freshies. But at Lech, at 8.48am, we found a line of one person at the quad (photographic evidence below!). And you got the impression he was there by accident! Quite staggering really, but I guess the good burghers of Lech don’t want all that messy, cold snow messy up there 1000 Euro ski jackets. Or to have to wear a hat and goggles in a wild snow storm. All reasons that are fine by me.


With hardly anyone out, we headed quickly up the Kriegerhorn chair (heated seats, of course!) and I dropped into the Suedhang ski route. First tracks, for 600m vertical of face shots in thigh deep blower. What else do you do after that, but repeat. There were about 5 tracks in the top this time, so a short traverse left, and another 600m vertical of face shots were bagged. All untouched.

Here’s the entrance – as you can see, it wasn’t really a day for photography!


Next lap the Furkawang ski route down (pic below) to the Steinmaedler chair beckoned. There were about 4 lines in this one, and again a quick traverse ensured no tracks were crossed on the superb, steep descent through this expansive, open bowl.


As we were transferring to Fiss that day, we had to be off the hill by noon. This left time for another two circuits, picking up more fresh lines on the Furkawang and finally another incredible run down the Suedhang. More untracked at noon. It’s hard to complain about that. I’m sure it would’ve been there all day too. And probably the next.

This was heliskiing standard skiing for the price of a day ticket. My best ever powder day was at Lech 4 years ago, lapping the ski route down to Zug with about 10 others in two foot of powder, that was refreshed every run by a howling wind and pelting snow.

This was a close second. Lech-Zuers really is a powder skier’s paradise, due to it’s excellent snow record, extensive terrain and the penchant of the most visitors for sun, long lunches and early starting après ski. Here’s an an example of typical good burghers of Lech enjoying a powder day 🙂


5600m verts

Season Totals: 34 days, 259,000 vertical metres, 7 powder days


2 responses to “Lech delivers big pow!!

  1. renay March 15, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    hope that you had fun skiing.the pic are awesome

  2. Ian March 17, 2009 at 9:15 pm

    thx renay – sure did have fun!!

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