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Waiting for the storm at Lech

The forecast had snow rolling in Wednesday evening, and while a couple of inches of flakes rolled in overnight, it only served to freshen up conditions a bit. Fog set in over most of Lech however, and by 2pm, we decided to bail. It was better than not skiing, but certainly wasn’t a stellar day.

The long awaited snow was then forecast to move in Thursday night, but again only a smattering was on the ground as we headed up the Ruefibahn from Lech early Friday morning. The visibility was pretty fine however, so we dropped down to the Schafalpbahn poma, laying first tracks on the groomer covered with an inch or two of light snow.

From the top of the tow, we headed into ski route 39, which was superb. Again, first tracks were had down the steep pitch which had been groomed and topped up with freshies. This is one of the best runs in Lech, and we hit it in tip-top shape. Even the long run out back to the lift was a delight, with minimal poling required!

We then zigged and zagged our way back up the mountains, ending up at the top of the Seekopfbahn in Zuers for a late lunch. While we consumed the tasty soup of the day, the storm arrived, with some vigour. Luckily, the visibility remained respectable, while the snow had the effect of more or less completely emptying the slopes. This left time for 4 descents down the lower runs of Zuers, in ever improving conditions. I had an immensely good time following the various marked ski routes (14, 15, 16), finding powdery layers of fluff on the forgiving surface below. This is fine open, cruising terrain, and these were conditions to savour.


Lifts were closing as we headed over the back of Zuers to the Madloch ski route to take us home (it goes right past the delightful Hotel Laerchenhof where we stayed). In fading light and a growing storm, we held a little trepidation for a pea-souper run. Never fear though, for some reason the visibility was even better over the Madloch peak, and the run itself in primo condition with the new snow. Thus ended a fine Friday ski day, and with the snow bucketing down as we jumped out of our bindings, there was hope for even better tomorrow (pics here).


2  days: 5300, 9400 verts

Season Totals: 33 days, 253,400 vertical metres. 6 powder days


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