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St Anton, Stuben, St Christoph and Sun!

Tuesday and Wednesday seemed like perfectly fine days to catch the 8.30 bus from Lech and head over the St Anton and Stuben. Tuesday was a moody, foggy sort of day, with the low clouds moving in and out, making visibility unpredictable.

P1040345 P1040346

We spent quite some time enjoying the black pistes from Kappall down to St Anton. The crowds seemed a lot less than on our previous visit, leaving relatively open and quiet runs with decent steepness to enjoy.

P1040360 P1040363

The fog seemed to be lifting as we made our way home via Alpe Rauz, boding well for a sunny day tomorrow. It was a pleasant day on the slopes though though – it’s hard not to enjoy St Anton terrain!

P1040367 P1040369

And was the next day sunny (pics here)!! Glorious weather, deep blue sky and deep freeze overnight promised ripping pistes until the sun worked it’s wonders. And did we find a ripper. Going straight to Stuben, a wild wind was hitting the back side, and blowing massive amounts of snow onto the north facing Seelehang (S3). This created a perfect high speed groomer, and with so few people at Stuben, high speed was the order of the day!

After several laps, it was back to St Anton. This time we concentrated on the sunny side. First, heading up the Schindler Spitze, down the inviting Schindlerkar full of wind blown, hero snow, and then down the slushy, steep bumps of  the Schindlerkar Steilhang. Next, we steered up Galzig and down its on and off-piste routes served by the Zammermoosbahn, before heading towards St Christoph. The pistes were soft and creamy, and the off piste even creamier. Fortified by a tasty late lunch at the Hospiz Alm at St Christoph, full of charm and character, we skied until our legs hurt and the sauna beckoned back in Lech.

2 days: 8300, 8100 verts

Season Totals: 31 days, 238,700 vertical metres. 6 powder days

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