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Low snow, big fun at Panorama

The Panorama ‘doughnut’ effect is in strong play this year. While everywhere around has decent snow, Panorama was hurting a little. We left Kicking Horse with a tad of trepidation for our ski bases. But really, we had little to fear. They make a lot of snow, I suspect they groom their slopes well in summer, and up high there was enough snow to cover rocks and trees on all but the steepest terrain.

 Top of Panorama Ian, Les, Jan, Kathy, Sue

It was worth lapping the Champagne Express first thing to warm up, and lay rails in the fresh ‘roid. As the sun came up and licked the slopes with its rays, all sorts of options appeared. A descent of Taynton Bowl was a bit messy at first with soggy snow on th entrance, but once in, the bumps were pretty nice. Run of the weekend was undoubtedly Stumbocks, a superb single diamond bump run which never seemed to end, and held good forgiving snow on perfectly formed bumps.

Some fine bump skiing heading into Sun Bowl

We had to bail around 2pm on Sunday to drive home. After a day skiing bumps all over the mountain, it probably wasn’t a bad thing. This remains a mountain that, when the snow is falling, has enough terrain and variety to keep an advanced skier happy for a long time. And even when the snow gods aren’t smiling on the area, there’s still a good time to be had. Especially if you like bumps.

2 Days: 8100m, 7200m

Season Totals: 23 days, 176,900 vertical metres. 4 powder days


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