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Cautious cruising at Revelstoke

After 3 days sat in a hotel room in Revelstoke with a dodgy back, cabin fever set in. Everyone else was skiing, the conditions were great and the weather clear and cold.  I’d recovered enough to not need good old Vicodin anymore, so as we were moving on that day to Kicking Horse, I geared up about 9.30am and drove to the ski hill.

My first two runs were cautious groomers. Of course at Revelstoke this means 1500m vertical, black groomers. And these are worthy of their black status. All the way down. With no pain being experienced, and fun starting to set in, I radio-ed the others and startled them with my weather report from the top while they were having lunch.

The afternoon was spent having a little tour from everyone of the terrain off the Ripper chair, which I hadn’t been able to explore in December. I stuck to groomers, but still had a fine time.

One day I’ll get to Revelstoke on a deep powder day in mid-winter. When it’s finished. If all goes to plan, this will be the finest ski hill in North America. One day.


Season Totals: 19 days, 145,000 vertical metres. 4 powder days


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