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Sun and hardpack at Hood Meadows

The January doldrums were firmly established by mid January, with no snow falling in the Pacific Northwest for well over a week. So we merged with the Yakima telepod, rented a luxurious house in Hood River between 9 of us, and headed up to Hood Meadows for the weekend.

There were some pretty slick but enjoyable groomers to be had on Saturday, but venturing off groomed was something to approach with extreme caution. The solid conditions meant Heather Canyon was closed due to the severe potential for death slides from any little slip. Meadows isn’t quite the same place without Heather Canyon. Still, a sunny, cool day on Mt Hood isn’t exactly a regular mid-winter occurrence, so we cruised around and soaked in the magnificent volcanic landscape that extended as far as the eye could see.

Mt Jefferson from Mt Hood Mt Hood

My niggly back pain from Saturday took on more serious proportions on Sunday. A repeat of Saturday’s fairly average conditions weren’t enough to entice me to suffer any discomfort, so I relaxed in our rented mansion while the others returned to Meadow’s sun-kissed slopes. In reality, this really wasn’t a bad weekend to take a day off.

And we had our usual fun quota on Saturday night in Hood River. There’s some fine, hoppy beers at Horsefeathers!

Big Horse Brewery Sampling platter Ian slurping Big Horse beers

Jamie and Steelhead man Kathy Jan and John

Saturday: 7700m

Season Totals: 18 days, 136,500 vertical metres. 4 powder days


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