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Powder Sunday at Schweitzer

It was darn fine to be at Schweitzer for the first time this season. This is pretty much my favorite mountain in the Pacific Northwest, and just like every visit last year, the snow gods were on our side. It started snowing as we drove up the hill on Saturday evening, and was still coming down when we left the St Bernard to go to bed. I do like the St Bernard – it’s a fine little ski bar. The music was rather interesting too – the Shook Twins – a couple of talented Sandpoint locals who seem talented enough to have promising future.


Sunday was cold, with plenty of freshies everywhere. We mined the pow in the trees off Stella early, as the visibility was better on the back side. And when the cloud lifted before lunch, there was treasure to be found on any line you wanted off the Great Escape. And it lasted all afternoon.


All in all, an excellent Sunday. And notable for a remarkable lack on people. It wasn’t as much that there were no lines. More that there was no people waiting at the lift when we loaded. Quite amazing – something to do with being the last day of the New Year holiday, we summarized. But to be honest, I really didn’t care 🙂


1 day – 8,700m

Season Totals: 15 days, 114,200 vertical metres. 4 powder days


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