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We finally get to stay at Apex

When, a day before arriving, we managed to book a room at the Apex Mountain Inn between Xmas and New Year, I probably should’ve guessed it wasn’t going to be too busy on the slopes. Surprising really – this should be a busy period, and the snow was in top shape.

Some Apex terrain  

But no one was really there. In fact, apart from the 30 minutes after lunch, lift lines were non-existent. This left plenty of time for exploring the mountain from laps off the quad. On three previous day trips over the years (pics here), I’d hugely enjoyed the terrain at Apex. A small mountain with a big kick.

Jan and Ethan go looking for fun

And 2 full days here only helped cement these feelings. When the snow is decent – as it was on this visit – this is a great, massively underrated expert mountain. I’m reliably informed a base of 140cm ensures nearly all logs and rocks are adequately covered on the steeper terrain. The snow report said 127cm for our two days, and only 3 runs were closed. Everything else I went down was skiable – the rocks were eminently avoidable 🙂

Jan at the top of the quad

We were also lucky enough to meet up with a couple of Penticton-based Aussies who contribute to the Aussie Ski Forums. It’s always a pleasure to follow around a local for a few hours, and get a more educated perspective on a mountain. So thanks Wally and Phil – we’ll have to do it again sometime. Especially as the snow report has a base of 170cm right now!

2 days – 16,400m

Season Totals: 14 days, 105,500 vertical metres. 3 powder days


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