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Summer Trip to British Columbia

It was a busy summer. Too much work and stuff to do. But we managed two weeks vacation. The first was in mid-August, heading up from Vancouver to Powell River on the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia. Spectacular ferry rides, a spacious, shaded campsite by the beach and wonderful hiking and mountain biking in the dense rain forest of the coastal hinterland. The water off the beach was even warm enough to swim in. Luxury.
Then we took another quite incredible ferry ride to Vancouver Island, marvelling at the grandeur of the Comox glacier and the jagged mountain backdrops propping up a slowly setting sun. A couple of hours drive north, we stayed at a campsite in dark, damp, cool rain forest at Telegraph Cove. The next day we jet boated through a foggy maze of islands to Knights Inlet on the mainland, where grizzly bears rule the roost. We saw about 11 from our safe haven in a small motorboat (pics here). It was quite an experience being so close to these wonderful creatures, and worth every cent. We then jetboated back in perfect weather and ate the freshest halibut imaginable at Telegraph Cove that evening. A fantastic few days.
A 4 hour or so drive south and by Saturday afternoon we were in a relatively sweltering Victoria. In one day we only dipped into its many potential delights around the inner harbor. And ate salty, fresh local oysters, succulent prawns and translucent, tender calamari, washed down with a fine local dark beer and cider. This is a place that we need to spend a few days exploring. In fact, Vancouver Island as a whole warrants a couple of weeks. Maybe one day.

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