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Now it’s Spring at Mt Bachelor

Finally, a weekend of fabulous spring skiing. We just had to wait until mid-April to get it. Blue skies, warm weather, empty slopes and a fully open mountain to explore with a collection of buddies from the Desert Ski Club

Kathy, Gary, Bruce

Saturday morning was firm over by the Northwest chair. This made for some white knuckle-fast rides down the long rolling groomers. With no one else to dodge on the deserted runs, it was ripping, big vertical couple of hours. By 11am, the run outs were getting soft and slow, so we headed high on the Summit chair, and pretty much stayed there for the day, soaking up the excellent spring snow.

Jan picking up speed on the crater run-out

It didn’t really get very cold Saturday night, so Sunday was a slightly accelerated version of Saturday. Not so firm in the morning, and by mid-afternoon it was mushy all over the lower mountain. Hence we water-skied across the car park,quite contented, at 2.30pm and hit the road home. It was great to indulge in some wonderful spring conditions. In this long and snowy winter, you never know if you’ll get any more.

Saturday – 9,700m: Sunday – 9,300m

Season totals: 53 days, 29 powder days, 420,500m vertical


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