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23 inches of new! Welcome to Spring at Mt Bachelor.


Mt Bachelor is probably my favorite spring skiing location in the Cascades. The snow is deep, the terrain extensive and the weather usually quite benign. But this is no ordinary season, and even though this weekend visit was at the end of March, the conditions were more like early January. A biting cold wind, temperatures around -20C and, and at least early on Saturday, ‘translucent’ visibility at best. The upside of all this was 23 inches of powder in the last 24 hours 🙂

Driving into Bachelor Car Park in the storm

The new snow certainly dragged the locals out of bed, as Saturday was the busiest I’ve ever seen Bachelor. But in reality a 10 minute wait was the worst line we had to endure. Otherwise, Saturday especially was a truly memorable day. Traversing off the top of the Northwest chair and taking any of the innumerable routes through the trees rewarded deep powder all weekend. The light fluffy snow was superb to ride through (pics here); in fact the only problem was some of the terrain in the trees simply was not steep enough for the depth of snow. Straightlining was required.

The Summit opened after lunch on Saturday, and although we were late getting there from the other side of the mountain, we had two outstanding runs. First down Cow Face, wind-slammed at the top but once you hit the more sheltered stuff it was like floating in knee deep creme brulee! Second, we dropped off the back and headed hard left, where again huge untracked powder fields spread out in all directions. The only bummer on this one was the 5.5km traverse back to the Northwest chair. We sure circumnavigated this sucker of a volcano a few times over the weekend. But it was worth eery minute!

Day 48 – 8,200m Day 49 – 7,800m

Season totals: 49 days, 28 powder days, 386,800m vertical


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