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I think La Nina must’ve been in Ischgl

By the time we headed out to dinner Thursday night, it was snowing heavily in the village. And overnight, and for all the next day, the snow didn’t relent. Spurned on by thoughts of great conditions, we had a quick breakfast Friday morning and were quickly at the gondola (no sun = no lines at Ischgl!), looking forward to fresh turns in deep snow.

When we got up to Idalp, it was almost a case of déjà vu, as the conditions and crowds were so reminiscent of Monday. Snowing hard. Foggy, windy, cold, and powder everywhere. So we employed the same tactics, heading out to the runs off the Hoellspitzbahn. It was another magnificent morning, carving gentle arcs in knee deep snow. Here’s a sample, but it was too foggy to be a photogenic day.

My tracks - it was a stormy day - this was deep

A huge amount of vertical later, we headed over to the Restaurant Alpenhaus for a late lunch. Here we discovered a quite superb apple strudel, that had miraculous effects on my energy!

Ian unconscious after too much pow and wonderful apfelstrudel

After a litte rest, the strudel restored enough energy for a few more cruisy runs amongst the trees off the Nachtweidebahn. The snow didn’t stop, it remained cold, and there was enough visibility down this low to make for several fun runs. Finally, with so much new snow, the run down to piste 1 to the village was an absolute delight, bringing to an end another epic Ischgl ski day.

Day 46 – 10,200m

Season totals: 46 days, 25 powder days, 362,400m vertical

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