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A quick trip to Cypress Mountain

A decade or so ago we drove to up to a damp and foggy Cypress to check out the place in anticipation of a future visit. It certainly took a bit longer than I’d expected to return, but at least we picked a darn good day. Not a cloud in the sky, a 4.5m base and very manageable crowds.

There’s some nice terrain here for a suburban ski hill. We poked around the runs on both mountains, and especially enjoyed the runs off the Raven Ridge chair. With a decent pitch, good fall line and top quality mash potato snow, we knocked off several quick laps while admiring the stunning views over the city.

This would’ve continued for a while except the chair broke! This necessitated a 5 minute hike out for us to the cat track that took us back to some operational uphill transport. We then headed up to the top on the slow Sky Chair, and played on the soft bumps before heading down and back to town after a short but highly enjoyable spring ski day. In February. (pics here)

4900m vert

Season totals so far: 30 days, 15 powder days, 228,100m vertical


One response to “A quick trip to Cypress Mountain

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