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Day 15 – Schweitzer

Schweitzer invariably delivers a fine ski day. But on our last two trips, for various reasons, these have been delivered at a rate of just one day per weekend. This weekend, strong winds closed most lifts on Saturday. We hung around until lunchtime walking around the village and drinking coffee, hoping they’d abate. But they didn’t. No ski day.

Sunday was a different story (pics here). 4-6 inches of new snow, crisp temperatures and the usual ‘no people’. There was simply no bad riding to be had. The snow flicked off the front of your skis, leaving a fine, shimmering vapor of crystals in the bracing air. The perfectly spaced trees off Sundance were a playground of powdery pleasure. There was face shots to be had in Australia, and later in the afternoon the North Bowl runs off the top of the T-Bar were full of wind-loaded lightly tracked fluff.

We bailed around 3.30pm, completely shagged out from a day of trees and steeps and perfect cruising. And yet again we found much new terrain to play in. I guess the way the lifts are laid out, it’s actually difficult to do too many laps of North Bowl in a day. And with all the steeps and glades accessible from the ridge line, it’ll take many a trip to ski all this mountain. It’s a true hidden gem.

Day 15: 9850 verts

Season totals: 15 days, 7 powder days, 110, 650m vertical


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