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Day 9 and 10: 49 Degrees North

On the way up to Red Mountain for New Year, we decided to get a couple of days in at 49 Degrees North. An early departure on Thursday saw us buying half day tickets at noon, and skiing the blissfully deserted and soft cruddy ski hill for a very fun afternoon. Seriously cold weather and a lot of recent snow had left the cover deep and forgiving, especially in the tree runs that abound off Chair 4.

It started snowing before we headed out for dinner that evening in Chewelah. And it didn’t stop until the next day. 10 inches of dry, light powdah awaited us at the ski hill, and with the usual 49 Degrees North crowds, you knew this meant fresh lines all day long.

The best day of the season so far followed (pics here). The ‘freshies-to-folks’ ratio was well in our favor, and the slow lifts ensured nothing got tracked too quickly. We again hit Chair 4, lapping the black diamond Sluice Box and Last Chance in knee deep, and cruising through the Cy’s Glades. Later we explored the rest of the hill, finding virgin snow everywhere. Unfortunately a dense fog enveloped the peak about 2.30, so we bailed, happily tired, to drive the 70 miles or so up to Canada and 4 more days of downhill sliding.

Ever since our first visit here a few years back, I’d craved a decent powder day. Extensive terrain, no crowds, and great glades were always going to be a recipe for a fine day. After this trip, I’m sated now. It’s a top year at 49 Degrees North!

Day 9: 4,540m

Day 10: 6,705m

Season totals: 10 days, 4 powder days, 70765m verts


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