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Day 7 – Mt Hood Meadows

The promise of a foot of new snow pulled Kathy, John and myself to Hood River Friday night. An as-always entertaining and tasty evening in brian’s pourhouse set us up, in my case a little groggily, for a fine day at Meadows.  By morning, snow in Hood River was very promising, and the drive up the drive up the mountain was a slow-ish one.

About 5 inches actually fell, and it was high quality stuff, cold and fluffy. Unfortunately, a high percentage of Portland seemed to have been attracted by the forecast too. This is not a real problem when the hill is fully open, but the wind closed the Cascade lift and Heather Canyon was still not open. The morning was especially slow, and while the crowds subsided after lunch, it was still a busy day.

Some nice powdery turns were had, and it wasn’t a bad day. Just a slow and cold-ish one. Meadows simply doesn’t work that well at weekends without the Cascade chair running.

Still, I can’t wait for Heather canyon to open.

Day 7: 5000m

Season total: 7 days, 3 powder days, 48,000m verts


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