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JB came to Richland …

We’ve spent much of the last two weeks entertaining JB. It was sure a busy time. We started in Seattle, went to Portland (via Chinook and White Pass – long story and drive!), Timberline on Mt Hood, on a Columbia River jet boat, wine tasting at Red Mountain and Walla Walla, a night in Wallace, Idaho, rafting the St Joe river in Idaho via a snow-covered pass in Montana, and a drive down the Columbia River Gorge back to Portland.

We had great food at Flying Fish and Dahlia Lounge in Seattle, the South Park Grill in Portland, and pretty decent tucker at Tagaris and Antonys in Richland. And we ate hundreds of juicy, fresh cherries from the locals farmers. Some outstanding wine was tasted at Barnard Griffin, Fidelitas, Three Rivers, Seven Hills and Forgeron. And we went to the legendary Battelle Salmon Bake, where $5 gets you a fine chunk of salmon and as much Ice Harbor beer as you can drink! Life rarely gets better :-}

It was a lot of fun and great to see Julie. Some random photos are in the accompanying photo album.


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