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Stuart Lake Hike

Leavenworth is surrounded by some magnificent day hikes, so every time we’re there we try to choose a new one to explore. So on a 90F+ Sunday in early June with our friends Tami and Phil, we decided to go to Stuart Lake, a 9 mile roundtrip journey in the Alpine Lake Wilderness. Loaded with lots of drinks, lunch, sunscreen and bug spray, we started about 10.30am for what turned out to be an scenic and moderately strenuous day.
Most of the climb was in the first half of the hike, following a raging, winding creek up to a wetland plateau. A final climb over remnants of deep snow banks took us to the lake shore, a shimmering, deep blue body of water sitting beneath the snow-capped peak of Mt. Stuart. Phil had fun spotting odd varieties of ducks and a swooping osprey while we ate lunch at the lake. We didn’t linger for too long though as vicious mosquitoes and diminishing supplies of bug spray forced us to head down.
Despite the heat and multitudes of bug bites, this was a wonderfully scenic hike. Next time we’ll follow another trail, and take abundant supplies of super-strength repellent to keep the evil mosquitoes away!

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