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Lots or reports from skiing around the Pacific Northwest, with some East Coast excursions thrown in for good measure

A new blog!

I quite like this Live Spaces blogging stuff. It’s easy to have photos accompany my ramblings, and I suspect the photos are mostly much more interesting than the words for the casual passer-by in cyberspace.

But for ‘word heavy’ postings, I don’t really like the lay out, or the fact that I don’t think I can give each blog entry a unique URL. And in summer, when I mostly spout on about wine and food, photos are less predominant.

So I experimented, and have decided to move my non-travel and work posts from this blog to a blogger hosted site. So, if by the remotest chance you have any interest in what wine and beer we’re drinking, where we’re doing it, what we like and don’t, and where and what we’re eating, feel free to have a look here.

I look forward to seeing you both there ;-}


One response to “A new blog!

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