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SATURN 2007 in Pittsburgh

Just got back from attending the SATURN 2007 workshop in Pittsburgh. And what a thoroughly enjoyable workshop it was. The quality of discussions was the best I’ve heard at a workshop for many a year.  Presenters and audience all seemed more or less on the same page, with a common understanding of where the field of software architecture stands, and what challenges lie ahead.

It was fascinating and illuminating to hear the experiences and issues that many attendees raised. And it was an equally excellent opportunity to catch up with some of the latest work from the SEI architecture folks – they’re always worth listening to.

I gave the opening keynote on Tuesday, which was fun. It seemed to be reasonably well received, but the audience is the only true arbiter of that. Jeromy Carrière’s keynote on Tuesday was entertaining, beautifully presented and a fascinating and insightful tale of his experiences of the last 15 years. It seemed to resonate strongly with the mostly industry-based audience, and generated some interesting questions. This is the kind of talk that researchers in architecture should hear to give them a deep appreciation of the practical problems faced in industry and the ingenuity practitioners employ to address them.

And it was a pleasure to be in Pittsburgh for the first time in 6 years. It’s a place I really quite like, reminding me of Sheffield, where I spent many years at college. A medium sized city with plenty of fun to be had and without the chaos that reigns in its metropolis-like counterparts. I hope I get back there soon, especially as I didn’t get to the Penn Brewery – a place whose beer I used to love. Next time …


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