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Black Bear (beer) is back!!

I was weaned in Stockport on various dark milds that my brother Alan introduced me to. Dark mild was typically a low-ish alcohol brew, very easy to drink and especially suited to a cold UK winter. There’s not many milds left in the UK now, which is real loss.

So you can imagine how delighted I was to re-discover my favorite Canadian ale, Black Bear, up here at Sun Peaks. It’s brewed in Kamloops by the KB Brewing company.

Black Bear takes me back to my youth. A smooth, dark and slightly sweet beer, it slides down delectably easily, and leaves me calling for another round before my glass is empty. It’s a little heavier than the dark milds of my memories, moving towards porter territory with a hint of mocha and alcohol warmth.

A very fine ale indeed, and perfectly sampled after a hard ski day in Bottom’s Bar at Sun Peaks!


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