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Spring has sprung …

It’s back to riding my bike to work in shorts, longer sunny days and temperatures regularly over 15C. But while its springified down here in the Columbia Valley, there’s still a deep snowpack in the mountains.

We headed up to Schweitzer for the weekend with the Desert Ski Club. The forecast was less than promising, but Saturday turned out to be a fun day. It was foggy, but not prohibitively so, and while off-trail was ‘rugged’, the groomers were slick and soft.

Schweitzer winch-cat groom several long black-diamond groomers, which make for top skiing even when venturing in to the trees is a risky business. Especially with the bandits like this lurking in the trees. This is the wild west, remember!

We racked up 9700m verts by 2.30pm, before deciding to retire to the hot tubs and prepare for trip organizer Brenda’s excellent wine and cheese party. As you can infer from the photos, it was a fine party that strangely seemed to induce an infection that affected people’s lips.

As promised, the rain started late Saturday night. Sunday dawned somewhat damp, windy and unappealing, but not bad enough to stop Kathy and me from racking up 2000 verts on Chair 1. It had actually snowed 4 or so inches of soggy goop up high, which we wore our legs out on, carving down one of the steeper groomers. Not a ski day, but entertaining in a slightly masochistic sort of way.

Spring in the valley is nice, but my fingers are crossed for another searingly cold blast or three of winter before the month is out.

Season totals: 42 days, 17 powder days, 328,200 verts


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