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More adventures at Red Mountain

It’s been a week since it had snowed at Red, but the cold temperatures had kept the snow in fine, fluffy condition. Saturday dawned sunny and cold, and by 9am we were heading up to the top. 

Rob and Kevin had never been to Red, so I showed them a few of the lines I’d found on my previous trip a month earlier. Once they were used to the modus operandi here – ie follow some tracks in to the trees and see what’s in there – we basically spent the rest of the weekend exploring new lines. And some of them were spectacular.

The whole weekend was exemplified by the three runs we did after lunch on Sunday. It had been snowing for a few hours, and the conditions were improving by the minute. We decided to drop off the back of Buffalo Ridge, following tracks that led in various ways in to the trees.

The first line opened up quickly in to a steep-ish gully with soft snow and fun gladed run out. The second commenced with steep, tight trees and then opened up in to a wonderful powder bowl. On the trail map, we were somewhere near Bootys, I think.

Finally, we dropped in to a gully at the end of the ridge. This opened up in to some spectacular gladed skiing in nice, fresh snow. Soon, the trees got tighter. And tighter. So tight we were struggling to turn. Kevin spotted a traverse line to our right, and it led in to the run of the weekend. I think it’s Needles on the trail, basically an enormously steep, 2 ski length wide line through the trees. With a few inches of new, skiing doesn’t get much better than this.

Saturday: 7700m, Sunday 6800m

Season so far: Season Totals: 30 days, 12 powder days, 230,800 vertical metres

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