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Dinner @ Brasa in Belltown

After an energetic weekend skiing at Crystal, we headed to Seattle, dumped our gear in a hotel in Belltown and headed out for food. It’s tough walking around Belltown, as the choices for dining are far too wide for our overwhelmed minds to work methodically through. Especially when it’s cold and the wind bites through your clothes. We looped a couple of blocks, got lost, and decided mostly randomly on Brasa. The menu looked interesting. The restaurant looked warm. There were free tables. We were in.

Serving interpretations of Portuguese and Spanish food, the restaurant is somewhat mahogany dark, but elegantly decorated in a vaguely authentic Mediterranean kind of way. Confronted with an interesting wine list, we completely failed our first test of ordering drinks, and scared off the waitress for a few minutes while we decided on what to eat. The mussels were too alluring, a passing Paella on the way to another table swayed Jan, and I was tempted by a black cod with a white bean and cauliflower roasted puree. It sounded too odd to resist.

We asked the waitress about an Albarino, a Spanish wine that we knew nothing about. It came highly recommended, and given our food orders, it was an excellent choice. Crisp, slatey and off-dry, it slid down in perfect harmony with the fine food that followed.

And fine food it was. The mussels were the best I’ve had in this part of the world, steamed in a light broth with shaved fennel. The paella was authentic and substantial, meaning I got to eat to the shellfish Jan doesn’t like. And my black cod was cooked to a translucent, moist perfection.

There was no room for dessert, and we slowly walked back to the hotel completely satisfied by some simple and well cooked food. The menu had too many fascinating dishes for us not to return soon. This would be a great place for a small group to share a few dishes and bottles of odd Spanish wine. We’ll see who we can rustle up next time we’re in town.


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