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Another review of Essential Software Architecture

ACM Computing Reviews has published a review of Essential Software Architecture at:

It certainly brought a smile to my face. And I should mention that without my wonderful chapter contributors, Jenny Liu, Liming Zhu, Mark Staples, Paul Greenfield and Judy Thomson, this wouldn’t have been possible.

For those without an account to view the whole thing, here’s an excerpt:

Gorton has produced a well-done, thorough work. Writing such a book on
software architecture is a daunting task. One of the reasons for this is the
difficulty in covering all aspects of software architecture in adequate detail
without getting into a specific problem space and losing focus from the required
generality. Very few texts on this subject have been able to achieve the
delicate balance between generality and specificity. Essential software
architecture does this. It will be most appreciated by practicing or
aspiring software architects looking for good material to use as a reference.


This is a readable, example-based, succinctly presented book. If I were a
software professional interested in becoming a software architect or even a
practicing software architect looking for reference material, I would definitely
have this book on my shelf.

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