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Day 8 – Crystal Mountain, Washington

The perfect time to go to Crystal is before Xmas, when the crowds are shopping in Seattle and the snow pack is deep. A late November storm dropped over 100 inches on Crystal in 10 days, so this weekend was too good an opportunity to miss.
We woke up Saturday to light snow. By 10am it was dumping. It stopped at noon, and high winds came in, closing the High Campell chair (access to the wonderful Powder Bowl) and slowing the others to a crawl. By the 4pm it was sunny, clear, light winds and colder. A typical day in the Cascades really.
The combination of snow and wind loaded some areas with 6 inches or so of nice powder by noon. With so few people there, we just kept lapping the north facing aspects where the best conditions were, and finding fresh lines through the trees above Green Valley and in Snorting Elk Bowl. It was enormous fun. The terrain at Crystal is exception, and when the conditions are good, which they very often are, there’s few places I’d rather be.
Day 8 – 8000m
Season totals:
60,600m vertical
5 powder days

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