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A day trip to White Pass

We’re White Pass season holders, so along with a 3 truck convoy and two sleepy stragglers, we headed up for a day of fun in the excellent early December conditions. Down here in the Columbia Valley, we’ve been socked in under an inversion for 3 days, meaning low cloud, fog and day time high temperatures of -4C. In such circumstances, the mountains are were the sun is, as well as the snow.

The 6am meeting time on a Sunday morning was a bit brutal. But such things are quickly forgotten when you’re on the hill at 9am, there’s no lift lines, the groomers are firm and fast and the off-trail has an excellent, forgiving coverage.

The somewhat prosaically named White Pass has some excellent steeps, and apart from two of the serious black diamonds, pretty much the whole mountain was open and skiable. This made for a great day of picking off the various bump runs, and alternating with some of the hairy lines off the top ridge line. In total there was about 14 of us out, so there was never a shortage of people to ski with.

Hourglass was my favorite, the top half undulating and fast before dropping precipitously to the cat track below. A few rocky protrusions limited turn options, and as the day went on, the bumps got bigger and bigger. It was a hoot! I must’ve skied it 5 times at least, and only came down once head first 🙂

No doubt this was the first of several days we’ll have up at White Pass this season. It’s only a small hill, but it rides big. And once the trees fill in some more, a lot the nice lines on the back will open up for exploration. And if we get better snow than this anytime this season up there, I’ll be very happy indeed.

Day 7: 8300m off 18 runs

Season Total: 52600m

4 powder days


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