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Indigo Girls in Seattle

The Indigo Girls must be one of the few gigs that you can ever go to where the male bathrooms are absolutely empty 10 minutes before the show starts. The fine beers and cider from the local McMenamins pub in Queen Anne necessitated a quick visit before we went in to the concert hall at McCaw Hall, a venue more likely frequented by the Seattle Opera or the Pacific Northwest Ballet company. And about 200m from McMenamins ;-}

It’s a modern and elegant hall, not dissimilar in size to the Concert hall in Sydney Opera House. We had good seats, elevated and about 15 rows from the stage. it wasn’t a sell-out, but I’d guess the seats were 80% full, and the Indigo Girls certainly attract a vocal and loyal following.

After falling in love with their early music, I’d not been over-impressed with their more recent efforts. But I really like their new album, Despite Our Differences, it has some lovely songs. In the two hour show, they played much of the new release, interspersed with classic songs from their past.

It was all classic Indigo Girls. Haunting harmonies, gentle folks songs and the odd Amy-driven piece of rock n’roll. Emily and Amy don’t talk much. They just play a song, swap guitars, and get one with the next one in their tag-team style. But the two hours flew by, and when they closed the show with a perfect rendition of Galileo, the audience rose as one to applaud an excellent, if unsurprising performance.


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