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Call the cops – we want a drug test!

A very bizarre thing occurred Sunday morning as we were checking out of our hotel in Portland. As I packed the car, Jan shouted at me from reception that we had to sort out a payment on the bill. As we’d prepaid thru Expedia, I just assumed it was a small mistake.

I certainly didn’t expect to have a $200 charge and to be accused of smoking hash in the hotel room on Friday night! We don’t smoke – anything – and as always had booked a non-smoking room (which we got). When we left at 9.30am Saturday morning to go wine tasting, there was definitely no smoky aroma in the room. We don’t smoke!

But two cleaners came to reception and vouched that there was an obvious smell of hash in our room when they entered to clean on Saturday. A complete mystery to me, but we certainly weren’t responsible. And why the hotel didn’t tell us of this on Saturday evening when we returned, I have no idea?

I think I confused the receptionist and manager by asking them to call the police and saying we’d have drug tests to prove our innocence (ok – they might have found some remnants of pinot noir!). Probably not how they’d expect typical stoners to react to such a situation. Eventually the receptionist got the manager on the phone, and after 5 minutes of vigorous debate, he agreed to ‘drop all charges’.

So all ended well, despite the rather unwelcome stress. It doesn’t explain what could’ve happened here though? If the cleaners were telling the truth, then someone went in to our room and spliffed away for a while. Who? How? Or is this possibly some scam by the hotel staff? Seems unlikely. Any sleuths out there have any ideas?

So thanks to the Shilo Rose Garden manager for addressing this issue for us. But perhaps he has a little further to dig to find out the cause of this mystery.

But apart from the false drug accusations, not a bad little hotel ;-}


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