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Fine dining at Fresco, Kelowna

Kelowna has a few enticing restaurants, but we were drawn back to Fresco, the restaurant where I celebrated my 40th birthday four years ago with Jan’s parents. And what a fine choice it turned out to be.

Fresco is a stylish dining space, has an excellent if somewhat price-y wine list, and serves top quality food. We had Dungeness crab cakes and a baked goat cheese tart for appetizers. Both were excellent, but the goat cheese, sourced from a local producer we’d visited earlier in the day, was sublime. Light, buttery pastry with a salty, mild goat cheese filing, it set the taste buds racing.

The best was yet to come though. I don’t really know much about arctic char, but this is one of the chef’s signature dishes, and for good reason. The char is rolled and roasted in oats bound with maple brown butter. The result produces a fillet of char that is cooked to perfection, almost raw in the middle, light pink, rich and incredibly flavorsome. This was undoubtedly the best fish I’ve had since leaving Sydney, a very spectacular dish. Jan’s duck breast, duck sausage and fennel gnocchi wasn’t far behind the fish in the quality stakes either. The mains are perhaps a bit busy in terms of too many flavors one the plate, and certainly quite generous in size, but the finesse of the cooking and quality ingredients are undeniable.

All washed down by a perfectly reasonable Sandhill cabernet franc, this made for a very satisfying dinner indeed.

14/20 on the Sydney Morning Herald Good Food Guide scale :-}. This restuarant is alone is a good enough excuse to stop a night in Kelowna on the way to Big White in winter.

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