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SIFT goes public

More good work news – the paper we submitted to the International Conference on COTS Based Software Systems 2007 (ICCBSS) was accepted. It describes the latest work on a project at PNNL that I sort-of started in 2003, and since has evolved nicely (without my ideas to pollute it ) to create an infrastructure for the kinds of analytical systems we build here.

The technology is called SIFT (Scalable Information Fusion and Triage), and it’s based on the open source Mule enterprise service bus. We’re building at least three demonstrators using SIFT right now, and a serious one will be rolled out in November for public viewing. This requires high throughput and scalability, and will be a real test of the technology. No doubt I’ll blog about it once it’s properly tested . We’re nearly there right now, actually, jusy some stress testing to go.

ICCBSS 2007 is in Banff in late February. It promises to be an interesting conference in a beautiful setting. Bring your woollies and I’ll see you there.

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