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Brooklyn Seafood, Steak and Oyster House, Seattle

The Brooklyn was an old favorite of ours, so we were keen to head back at the first opportunity to check it out again. We’ve never reserved, and always seem to get a couple of seats at the counter overlooking the kitchen without any trouble. The interior is a little dark and dated, but the ‘Captain Kirk’ style chairs at the counter are excellent for casual dining. The steaks look excellent here, but the fish selection is hard to pass over.

It was a busy Friday evening, and the waiter was a little stressed. This meant I only got 4 oysters instead of six, and our neighbors nearly sampled our wine before we did. Still, the recommendation of the Adelsheim 2005 Pinot Gris was an excellent one – all nectarines and balanced acids making an excellent, fresh food wine.

I’m not sure which four oysters I eventually received – there were eight varieties to choose from -, but two were delicious and creamy, the others respectable enough. A Dungeness crab salad, subtly dressed with lime-poppy seed vinaigrette certainly made up for the missing oysters – light, crisp and not-too-voluminous (an all too common occurrence in the USA).

Jan’s Alaskan halibut with lobster mash was the main course highlight. The fish was perfectly cooked, translucent, moist, springy, and well paired with the somewhat decadent mash. My Hawaiian ono was a little disappointing, having spent a minute or so too long in the oven for my liking. The accompanying medley of clams, Penn Cove mussels and crab risotto slid down rather nicely though. As a combination the dish didn’t quite work, but most of the constituent parts held up well!

It’s been 3 years since we last ate here, but the Brooklyn is still following its formula of fresh ingredients cooked relatively simply. It’s easy to see why it remains a vibrant and popular venue for downtown workers, symphony goers and tourists. On the Sydney Morning Herald (SMH) Good Food Guide restaurant rating scale, 13/20.


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