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Elysian brew pub, Seattle

The Elysian is a good 20 minute, dinner-digesting uphill stroll from downtown, in Capitol Hill. For Sydney readers, Capitol Hill is Seattle’s Newtown. All funky clothes shops, coffee-shop accessory dogs with dyed hair, arthouse movie theatres, oddly placed piercings, extravagant tatoos and strong gay culture. You get the picture.
I couldn’t detect any signs of a beer sampling platter option, so was forced to chose from the 15 or so beers they have on tap. The Bete Blanche sounded fun, so I tried a pint of that first. It turned out to be a smooth, medium-bodied Belgium style beer that slipped down very easily. Next was the Perseus Porter, a bitter chocolate and smoky full-bodied ale that I liked immensely. After that, all I could think of that could follow the porter was the Immortal IPA, a beer I remember from a previous visit. This is a dry, aggressive IPA with a hoppy kick like a boxing kangaroo. It’s no wonder I remembered it – it’s a beer that’s hard to forget.
Overall, I favored the Bete Blanche. It was the sort of ale you can happily sup a few of, a classic session beer. The porter and IPA are fine drops, but their alcohol levels and bold flavors make me want to approach them with a litte caution. They certainly keep your taste buds on their toes.
The Elysian brew a heap of European inspired beers. A return visit is in order to sample these interesting northwest interpretations of classic German and Belgium brews. 

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