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Lots or reports from skiing around the Pacific Northwest, with some East Coast excursions thrown in for good measure

Snow Lake hike

On the way back from Seattle, we stopped at Snoqualmie Pass to find a day hike. It was a glorious blue sky day, so definately a chance to go and see some more of the Cascades before the snow arrives. Our guide book had recommended a hike to Snow Lake within the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, so we bought a trail head permit and drove the 2 miles to the car park.

It was a seven mile return hike, at first through dense forest and then up rocky switchbacks to a ridge, from where the trail dropped to the lake. Although there were plenty of people (and nearly as many dogs), it was a very fine hike, and afforded some wonderful views of the jagged peaks of the Cascades.

The trail head for Snow Lake was at the Alpental ski area car park. We’ve not skied here, but will hopefully this year. It has a reputation for knarly, steep skiing with some wild back country. Shouldn’t be long now …


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