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Captain Fantastic revisited

About 3 years I took Jan to a Bjork gig in Seattle. I thought it was quite amazing, all silly outfits, geeks on laptops and Bjork’s haunting, mis-pronounced atonal sounds, but I’m not sure Jan was quite so enthusiastic. So I think going to see Elton John this weekend was a kind of revenge. However, little did she know that I’d spent a memorable summer holiday in the south of France in 1975 listening continuously to Captain Fantastic and the Brown Dirt Cowboy on a old shoe box-like crackly cassette player. And by sheer coincidence, the album released the day before the concert here, The Captain and the Kid, promised to evoke strong memories of the album I loved so many years ago. Revenge thwarted.

The gig was at Key Arena in the Seattle Centre. A venue we’d not been to before, but even though our seats were at the side of the stage, the view and sound were pretty darn good. They even had good microbrews on tap inside, so it gets a thumbs up from me.

Elton and his band played for the best part of three hours non-stop, pounding out most of his famous material, along with six songs off the new album, which stood up pretty well. Ok – so 75% of this show could’ve been performed thirty years ago. But maybe that’s just a testament to the quality of the music John and Taupin wrote in the early 70s. Elton’s voice isn’t quite what it used to be, but few were worried about that. This was a crowd-pleasing performance from an enduring, engaging and ever-enthusiastic superstar.


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