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Big, old trees

Whilst at Priest Lake, we drove north up some dirt roads about 15 miles to see the Roosevelt Grove. There’s a couple of mile hike that takes you between two stands of monsterous cedar trees. The walk follows Granite Creek, which thunders over a series of small falls in a narrow, rocky canyon. It’s a pleasant little stroll.

The real stars are the cedar trees. Some must be at least 50 metre tall and have a 4 metre trunk diameter. Apparently the average age of the trees is 800+ years, and some of the really big ones are well over 2000 years. It’s incredibly impressive wandering through these ancient monoliths, absorbing a landscape that has not changed for many centuries.

Places like this are special. Fortunately, fire is now the major threat to these tree’s existence. Unfortunately, fires are getting more frequent and of higher intensity – this year has been the worst on record in the Pacific Northwest.

Let’s hope these trees maintain their good fortune.


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