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Grandview Resort @ Priest Lake

We were lucky enough to get a room at Grandview Resort for the weekend. For $90 per night, we got an excellent sized room within perfect views from the balcony across Reeder Bay on Priest Lake.

The room and resort as a whole had obviously seen better days, but remained perfectly serviceable and comfortable. We arrived Friday evening just in time to run downstairs to the dining room for dinner. Their Friday night special of baby back ribs with homemade huckleberry barbeque sauce had to be one dish, and I ordered a lemon baked cod. Both were incredibly tasty, simple, perfectly cooked, and accompanied with salad and scrumpious roasted Idaho reds. Potatoes in Idaho are fabulous things – it even tells you so on their car number plates.

The next night we returned for a ‘maxi cut’ of prime rib and a nut roasted chicken breast. Once again the food was very enjoyable. Both nights were about $40 total – a bargain.

On Saturday we went to the bar next to the restaurant to have a beer and indulge in some banter with the locals. It’s always a pleasure to sit at the bar in the USA and talk to a good bar man who is able to hold about nine conversations simultaneously, and orchestrate the conversation to include everyone who wants to participate. It’s just like being in an episode of Cheers. This was no different, and we found out heaps about the local area, fishing, hunting and snowmobiling.

I would however not recommend complimenting Idaho’s new ‘no smoking in bars’ laws in this kind of company. The beers had lowered our guard (ie always avoid religion and politics in such situations), and we forgot that Idahoans are some of the world’s remaining great smokers. A five minute rant resulted. We just smiled and listened intently. You have to. These people own guns.

All-in-all, this is a great place to stay. The location is beautiful and convenient, the food is fresh, tasty and excellent value, and the rooms are functional and well positioned.

On Sunday we night we wandered around the bay for a mile to have dinner at Elkins Resort.The restaurant was quite classy, a beautiful log building with a huge central fireplace. The food lived up to the settings, too. While my halibut was slightly overcooked, Jan’s pepper steak was just-as-ordered (medium rare), with a delicious rich and tangy green pepper sauce that went perfectly with the creamy mash. Good mash is, not surprisingly, a fine thing in Idaho. Remember those potatoes.

We lingered over the remnants of a Californian zinfandel (ok but not noteworthy) before walking back. There was a full moon rising over the bay, reflecting on the water and illuminating the path back to Grandview. It made you realise that in many ways, as the locals tell you often, this is god’s own country. And not just because all you can get on the radio in Idaho is god and country


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