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Wine Exchange ate my money! For Spanish cabernet …

A few years ago I sought out a low-key web site in California to supply us with some good priced, quality Aussie wine. It worked well, fast delivery, decent selection. To my amazement, when my PNL email address was reactivated in July, I suddenly started receiving essentially a daily email from Wine Exchange, telling me about the fantastic bargains they had on offer.

So I’m a sucker for someone who tells me there’s a fine wine to be had at a bargain price. But I must confess the idea of Spanish cabernet from a major Rioja producer was one that had never materialized even in my wildest dreams. Then add a 1994 and 1997 in to the deal, and I could resist no longer. Add 10 more bottles of various odd Italian, Spanish and Kiwi wines, and, well, the more you spend, the more you save. You know it makes sense …

We cracked the Torres Mas La Plana 1997 tonight, and what a spectacular drop it was. It opened up full of red berries and charred oak, but soon softened to reveal smoky, spicy flavors, all perfectly in harmony. The bottle age had worked its wonders, and while nowhere near the end of its life, this wine was drinking superbly.

I can’t wait to try the 1994. And then see if Wine Exchange has any more left.


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