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Where do we live? (Part I – Columbia Point)

Columbia Point is a newly developed part of Richland. It comprises town houses and condos sandwiched between the Columbia River and an 18 hole golf course. There’s a bike path running along the river to the north which I can follow for about 11km all the way to work – very convenient and pleasurable indeed. It’s also about a 20 minute walk to downtown Richland, where the wonderful Atomic brew pub can be found, along with a few other respectable restaurants and bars. And it’s only a 5km cycle along a bike path to nearest winery, Bookwalter , which makes some of the best local cabernets and has a wine bar that serves a fine selection of US cheeses (which to many people’s surprise is not an oxymoron).

There’s also a Marriot Hotel and an Anthony‘s seafood restaurant at Columbia Point. The setting and venue are excellent, especially in summer, overlooking the marina and watching the boats going up and down the river. Water skiing, jet skis and fishing are major pastimes right now. The Columbia is delightfully warm to swim in from about June to September, and offers welcome relief from the blazing hot summer days.

As the crow flies, we live about 100m from the river, with just a single row of homes in between. It’s a very short walk to the bike path and river, even carrying our inflatable kayak, which remains ready to use in the garage. Luxury after Sydney apartment living.


One response to “Where do we live? (Part I – Columbia Point)

  1. Ethan August 25, 2006 at 12:34 am

    Ha, Uncle Ian you nugget. Hope ur havin fun over in the USA. Send me a pic of TIVO now! Ok, byebye fella, say hi to Jan 4 us.

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