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Wine review – Chinook 2004 Cabernet Franc

I’ve never visited Chinook’s cellar door in Prosser, but had heard good things. A 2004 Cab Franc for less than $20 sounded an enticing deal, so we picked one up at the wine shop at Pike Place in Seattle and sampled it Saturday night.

Overall a very impressive drop, medium bodied, red berry fruit flavors and a pleasant varietal flintyness, and all in balance. Some of the reds from Washington State can be a little intimidating in the height of summer, being too heavy and warming for an early evening aperitif. This one slid down easily though accompanied with some hard cheese.

I’d like to buy more, but I’m told it’s sold out at the cellar door. Bummer!


One response to “Wine review – Chinook 2004 Cabernet Franc

  1. Ethan August 10, 2006 at 12:16 am

    Haha, now you\’ve lost ur blogginity! 😉

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