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A day out at Mount Rainier

We had survived a somewhat pleasant, warm evening in Enumclaw. There was an Art Walk around the Main St, and any stroll that culminates in watching a big burly bearded dude wielding a chain saw to carve wooden bears is a good time for me!

The Rainier Bar and Grill then served up some excellent clams, a seafood salad and a killer strawberry and rhubarb cobbler to finish off. We decided it was time for bed when the guy with the chain saw came in for a beer.

Our hotel was next to Charlie’s, a cafe we’d been in before. A hearty breakfast sounded a good idea before a hike, and we couldn’t think of a better place. This is an excellent local establishment, all fresh cooked food, fine ham and eggs and volumes of delicious hash browns enough for 4 people. We ate two person’s worth and headed up to Sunshine on Rainier.

We started out on the Sunshine Rim trail, past beautiful alpine lakes and meadows dense with purple and red mountain wildflowers. We then climbed up towards the mountain for spectacular views of White River, Rainier’s hanging glaciers an even a little wildlife. It was a hot day, so a 3 hour stroll was a perfectly adequate reunion with hiking in the Pacific Northwest.


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